Sunday, January 04, 2015

That "Spring Will Come" Feeling: TAGGED FOR DEATH, Sherry Harris

Here at Kingdom Books, we're celebrating winter -- and that includes hoeing out a few more things for the spring yard sale that's already in the planning stages. I mean, if we don't do it now, how on earth could we fit that tough decision-making into the garden-digging, seed-planting season that will follow the snow?

So I had a lot of fun reading one of the December "Killer Cozies" books from Kensington Books: TAGGED FOR DEATH, the lively and enjoyable debut of Sherry Harris's "Sarah Winston Garage Sale Series." From the gunshot on page 1, to the tangled twists of Sarah's marital issues -- she and her ex-husband were living on a military base, and now he's got a civilian police job and, it seems, a wandering eye -- this mystery keeps things moving. It's set in small-city Massachusetts, pizza and all.

Sarah's negotiations at "tag sales" are part of how she's supporting herself. And among her purchases are bloody items that could implicate entirely the wrong people. Her slide into trouble has is speedy, irresistible, and entirely understandable!

If you have one of those cars that insists on stopping at each promising yard sale, or even just a yard sale fantasy life, you'll get a kick out of TAGGED FOR DEATH. But it's also a good mystery for relaxing into the long evenings that make winter such a great season for reading. Sarah Winston's struggles as a military and ex-military spouse add extra levels of interest (Sherry Harris know that part from her own life). And when you've finished, you may want to check out Sherry Harris's website, as well as her posts on the Wicked Cozy Authors blog. What a way to celebrate winter!

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