Monday, July 30, 2012

New from Carla Neggers: HERON'S COVE, On Sale July 31

When HERON'S COVE opens, FBI art-crime specialist Emma Sharpe is choking a bit as she tips back a sample taste of a powerful "smoky single-malt Scotch" in a gathering on the Maine coast that includes an Irish priest and three brothers of her still-new lover, Colin Donovan. Colin hasn't yet arrived back in town, and Emma's aware that his brothers are still digesting the news that Colin's actually a deep-cover FBI agent himself.  Mike, Andy, and Kevin doubt that Emma's a good choice for Colin, though. Skeptical, sometimes critical, their main interest in Emma seems to be whether she can do something about finding their brother, who hasn't been in touch for three weeks. Mike puts it succinctly to Emma: "I just think you have a knack for attracting trouble."

A moment later, as he rises to leave with Andy and Kevin, he says to Emma in a tone that's almost an order, "If you hear from Colin, you'll let us know, okay?"

In this suspense author's deft hands, it's no surprise that Emma tackles making sure Colin gets back safely -- but is less confident that she can persuade his brothers that she's not a danger to her own beloved, as Russian criminals, jewel theft, and deadly assaults arrive in the Maine coastal village.

We gave a full review a week ago (click here), so consider this post a sharp (Sharpe!) reminder: It's time to ask the local or online bookseller to save you a copy when the books come out of the boxes tomorrow!

And for a marvelous afternoon of talking with the author, if you can be in New England on Sunday September 9, come to Kingdom Books and meet Carla Neggers, the author of some 70 books and a bold Vermont-Maine-Ireland resident. (Yes, we do mail signed books, too!)

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