Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Releases: From Berlin to Japan to Paris to South Africa, and More

Time to catch up and look a few weeks ahead, for new books of crime fiction and detection.

I'm delighted that Soho Crime has brought out David Downing's Potsdam Station in softcover, just in time for readers to catch up with this crossover series that merges espionage and suspense in Berlin during and immediately after World War II. Postdam Station covers the risks and dangers for British journalist John Russell as he negotiates for safety for his family members -- and maybe himself -- during the final brutal days of the war. Gripping in the portrayal of the human costs of loyalty, betrayal, and starvation, it includes segments from the point of view of Russell's fiercely surviving German actress girlfriend Effie. And it's the perfect intro for Downing's next book, Lehrter Station, due out in June.

Now is also the time to catch up with the Jade De Jong investigations written by South African Jassy Mackenzie. Random Violence, My Brother's Keeper (audiobook; print book coming later), and Stolen Lives (audiobook; print book coming later) propel Henning Mankell's African landscape toward modern urban crime fiction, gritty, dark, and rewarding to read. Mackenzie's new title, The Fallen (titled Worst Case in Europe), comes out in the United States in April.

Another April release will be Viral by James Lilliefors, an award-winning journalist who lives in Florida. The action in Viral develops simultaneously in Uganda and in Washington, DC, building a political thriller with a medical subplot that's all too believable. Consider me already a fan of this series-in-the-making.

Last for today, I'm excited that the next novel from Alan Furst, Mission to Paris, is coming in mid June. It's been too long since I've mentally roamed the cities and mountains of Eastern Europe with this master of between-the-wars espionage and manipulation. I can hardly wait.

Reminder: Today is the release date for The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura, and for the new Cara Black adventure featuring Aimée Leduc, Murder at the Lanterne Rouge. Aren't we lucky?

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