Friday, September 23, 2011

Long Overdue Tribute: GERRY MULLIGAN, an online magazine

I've had copies of the first and second issues of GERRY MULLIGAN, a terrific poetry magazine, for ages. Dave scanned the cover and table of contents of Number One for me and I'm putting images here. My only excuse for not getting around to saluting this publication sooner is, I've run out of time for some of the best and most complex things coming my way, in the effort to keep up with earning a living and getting some books of my own into print. So, Ben Tripp, my apologies -- and, way to go!

Best yet, for readers hungry for a connection to this NYC-area author and editor's stream of work: GERRY MULLIGAN is now online! Yes, there's an online archive, including the third issue. Hurrah!! What an opportunity -- here's the link:

Oh, for those baffled by the insertion of poetry connections on a mostly mysteries blog: It's all about impact. Images, rich language, incisive narrative and effective metaphor -- good writing takes a balance of these. For me, as both a reader and writer, poetry adds to the tool kit. To life!

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