Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food for Thought: Stieg Larsson/Carol O'Connell

After setting aside ALL else this summer when the second Stieg Larsson Salander novel came out in the US (The Girl Who Played With Fire; a great sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), we're not posting a review just now -- there are so many already out there, and all the praise is well earned, right down to the terrific work in translating this series already well known in Sweden.

But a mention at Larsson's website compares Lisbeth Salander to Carol O'Connell's Malory, and I think it's a top-notch parallel. We've got lots of O'Connell, so I may backtrack to these in order to fill the longing for more Salander, until the final volume of the trilogy appears next year.

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