Saturday, August 15, 2009

Petroglyphs: Follow-Up to Eliot Pattison's Visit

When crime fiction author Eliot Pattison (at right, above) visited Kingdom Books on August 2, every seat was filled, and discussion ranged from Pattison's Inspector Shan series set in Chinese-occupied Tibet (he presented the newest in this series, THE LORD OF DEATH) to the rock carvings in America created by Native Americans -- known to explorers as petroglyphs. Pattison talked about the startling number of petroglyphs in his home state of Pennsylvania. To follow up on this, check the article from the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, as well as; the topic applies to Pattison's second series, which began last year with Bone Rattler and continues in January 2010 with Eye of the Raven. Below: a petroglyph photo from the article. Yes, there are petroglyphs in Vermont, too -- the best known are at Bellows Falls.

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