Thursday, April 02, 2009

Poet Wesley McNair in Plymouth, NH, April 5

Professor emeritus and writer in residence at the University of Maine, Farmington, Wesley McNair ought to be well known for his poetry, editing, even broadcasting scripts -- but he's also a quiet Maine resident with a low-key, gentle presentation of himself. So it's a treat to mention that he's reading in the Eagle Pond Authors' Series at Plymouth State University on Sunday April 5 at 3 p.m. The reading is free, and McNair will sign books afterward. Here are multiple reasons to attend:

Books of poetry: The Faces of Americans of 1853 (University of Missouri Breakthrough Series, Devins Award, 1983); The Town of No (Godine, 1989); Twelve Journeys in Maine (Limited Edition, Romulus Editions, 1992); My Brother Running (Godine, 1994); The Town of No and My Brother Running (Godine dual reprint, 1997); The Dissonant Heart (Limited Edition, Romulus Editions, 1995: poetry with photocollages by Dozier Bell); Talking in the Dark (Godine, 1998); The Faces of Americans in 1853 (Carnegie Mellon University Press Classic Contemporaries Series reissue, 2001); Fire: Poems (Godine, 2002); The Ghosts of You and Me (Godine, 2006); Lovers of the Lost: New and Selected Poems (Godine, 2009); The Words I Chose and Maine in Season (forthcoming from Godine and Down East, respectively, in 2010).

Other books: The Quotable Moose: A Contemporary Maine Reader (University Press of New England, 1994); Mapping the Heart: Reflections on Place and Poetry (Carnegie Mellon University Press as part of the CMU Prose on Poetry Series, 2002: memoir and essays); The Maine Poets (Down East Books, 2003); A Place On Water (essays, with Bill Roorbach and Robert Kimber, Tilbury House, 2004); Contemporary Maine Fiction (Down East Books, 2005); Fire (the narrative poem alone, in a limited deluxe edition, Forehand Press, forthcoming); A Place Called Maine (Down East Books, 2008); Lovers of the Lost: New and Selected Poems (forthcoming from Godine, 2009).

For more information and a sampling of McNair's poetry, check his web site.

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