Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poetry/Fine Press/Small Press -- TUESDAY: An Art Project

Last year a friend gave me a clipping from a Boston newspaper about Jennifer S. Flescher's new work, TUESDAY: An Art Project. I bought a charter subscription to this unbound poetry, photo, and art "periodical" that arrives twice a year as a surprise package of exhilarating design, provocative text, and striking images.

Good news! Flescher is now in her second year of publication, and subscriptions for this year are available at $25 (back issues also available). Her web site,, gives all the contact info. Here's the contents list for the current issue:

Meg Birnbaum Trouble in Mind
Rowan Ricardo Phillips Grief and the Imaginary Grave
Jacquelyn Pope Octobered
Dawn Lundy Martin From the "Kin Consciousness" Series
Ralph Angel The Wind Will Carry Us
Daniel Legros Georges Pleasant Street, Spring
Leslie Williams Pond, the Vulnerable
Peter Jay Shippy When I Was King of Lake Erie
Forkscrew Graphics Prints from the iRaq Poster Series
Sean Singer Film Is Like a Dinosaur in a Tar Pit
David Blair Cowardly Couplets
Elsa Dorfman From the "No Hair Day" Series
Adrienne Richard An Octogenarian Thinks About Forgivenes
Judson Evans Origami
Nehassaiu deGannes Breakdown
Sue Cohen Line of Fire
Joyce Peseroff "No More Sorrow"

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