Friday, March 21, 2008

Alice Notley Reads in Vermont, Mon. March 24

[photo by Terry Pollack]

Kudos to the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, for inviting Alice Notley to teach, and to read for the public on Monday March 24 at 8 p.m. at the lecture hall on Route 15 in Johnson village (east side).

Notley, born in 1945, is part of the "second generation" of the New York School of Poets, blossoming in the wake of O'Hara, Ginsberg, and above all William Carlos Williams. In addition to her wide body of work, she has collaborated in editing the work of her first husband, poet Ted Berrigan. She now lives in Paris as a permanent resident.

If you can't get to Johnson for Monday's reading, I'll do my best to fill you in afterward. Meanwhile, I recommend Notley's newest collection, IN THE PINES, which evokes a powerful conversation directly with the reader.

Her poetry includes:

* 165 Meeting House Lane, "C" Press (New York), 1971.
* Phoebe Light, Big Sky (Bolinas, CA), 1973.
* Incidentals in the Day World, Angel Hair (New York), 1973.
* For Frank O'Hara's Birthday, Street Editions (Cambridge), 1976.
* Alice Ordered Me to Be Made: Poems 1975, Yellow Press (Chicago, IL), 1976.
* A Diamond Necklace, Frontward (New York), 1977.
* Songs for the Unborn Second Baby, United Artists (Lenox, MA), 1979.
* When I Was Alive, Vehicle (New York), 1980.
* Waltzing Matilda, Kulchur (New York), 1981.
* How Spring Comes, Toothpaste Press (West Branch, IA), 1981.
* (With Andrei Codrescu) Three Zero, Turning Thirty, edited by Keith and Jeff Wright, Hard Press (New York), 1982.
* Sorrento, Sherwood Press (Los Angeles), 1984.
* Margaret and Dusty, Coffee House Press (Minneapolis, MN), 1985.
* Parts of a Wedding, Unimproved Editions Press (New York), 1986.
* At Night the States, Yellow Press, 1988.
* Selected Poems of Alice Notley, Talisman House (Hoboken, NJ), 1993.
* The Descent of Alette, Penguin, 1996.
* Mysteries of Small Houses, Viking Penguin, 1998.
* Disobedience, Penguin Books (New Yorks, NY), 2001.
* (Editor) Douglas Oliver, Arrondissements, Salt Publ. (Cambridge, United Kingdom), 2003.
* Coming After: Essays on Poetry, University of Michigan Press (Ann Arbor, MI), 2005.
* (Editor, with Anselm Berrigan and Edmund Berrigan) The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan, University of California Press (Berkeley, CA), 2005.

And yes, of course, we'll have some signed material available after Monday night, if the weather cooperates, the roads are open, and the usual muses of poetry readings shine on the evening. Check back in on Tuesday.

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