Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Tibet Mystery from Eliot Pattison Releases Early: PRAYER OF THE DRAGON

Originally scheduled for release at the end of December, PRAYER OF THE DRAGON is unexpectedly -- hurrah!-- available early, now, thanks to Soho Crime. I'll follow with a review next week, but in the meantime, here's the publisher synopsis of this much-anticipated fifth mystery in Pattison's Shan series:

Summoned to a remote village from the hidden lamasery where he lives, Shan, formerly an investigator in Beijing, must save a comatose man from execution for two murders in which the victims’ arms have been removed. Upon arrival, he discovers that the suspect is not Tibetan but Navajo. The man has come with his niece to seek ancestral ties between their people and the ancient Bon. The recent murders are only part of a chain of deaths. Together with his friends, the monks Gendun and Lokesh, Shan solves the riddle of Dragon Mountain, the place “where world begins.”

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