Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Crime in the City" on NPR: Michael Connelly, Friday Aug. 24

[Bangkok photo credit, NPR]

I caught today's installment of "Crime in the City" on National Public Radio, featuring Laura Lippman and "her" Baltimore. Already interviewed: Donna Leon on Venice, and John Burdett on Bangkok. Tomorrow (Friday) will be Michael Connelly on Los Angeles. The interviews are archived and can be played at . Definitely recommended!

From the NPR site:

in this Series
Part 1: Donna Leon's Venice: A Tale of Two Cities

August 20, 2007 · To detective novelist Donna Leon, there are two Venices. One is the real Venice inhabited by ordinary Venetians, who know each other's secrets. The other is filled with loud tour guides and attracts up to 20 million visitors a year.

Part 2: Beyond Sex, Tourists in John Burdett's Bangkok

August 21, 2007 · John Burdett's Bangkok is far more than the bizarre murders, corrupt cops and big-hearted bar girls of his novels. It's also the city as a living breathing, thing. Web Extra: Book Excerpts

Part 3: Laura Lippman's Baltimore: Loving a Flawed Place

August 23, 2007 · From the Antique Man's giant ball of string in Fells Point, to the crab cake lunch downtown, Laura Lippman loves Baltimore. Despite the city's crime and other problems, the crime novelist says its flaws are what make it an interesting place.

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