Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Nifty Blog That Reviews Chapbooks

I'm mostly burrowed into stacks of poetry this week, preparing for our Alice James Press celebration (July 14; see earlier blog piece), but while researching, I discovered a nifty blog that reviews chapbooks -- by a book artist/writer based in Philadelphia:

Here's a sample from the site:

Axe Factory III
Louis McKee/Joe Farley, ed.
Philadelphia, PA

Published by Axe Factory and edited by Lou McKee and Joe Farley with cover art by Jeff Vetock, this issue is a time piece into the Philadelphia poetry community of 1990. In addition to work by Lynne Savitt, Tina Barr, Greg Geleta, Ann Mennbroker, and others, there are book reviews by books of Greogry Djanikian and Christopher Bursk as well as a listing in the back of received journals and zines. A must for anyone serious about collecting Philadelphia based publications.

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