Friday, August 04, 2006

Donald Westlake Quiz & Prize

Answer 10 Questions And The First Person To Answer All 10 Correctly Will Win An Author-Signed Mystery Book.

1. How many books are in the Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake) Parker series that began in 1962?

2. Donald E. Westlake has used a number of pseudonyms over the years and we believe only Westlake really knows how many he has used. Can you tell us the latest pseudonym Westlake used in a 2002 book published by Carroll & Graf?

3. Donald Westlake wrote under the name of Tucker Coe. How many books are in this series? (If you have not read any titles in the Tucker Coe series, drive to, call, or e-mail your mystery bookstore to locate the titles in the series.)

4. Donald E. Westlake wrote two books with his wife Abby Westlake that were published in 1987 by Dennis McMillan Publications. Can you tell us the two titles?

5. What was Donald E.Westlake’s first published novel?

6. What was the title of the first Donald E. Westlake (as Richard Stark) book to be made into a movie?

7. Donald E. Westlake was the winner of three Edgar Awards. What are the titles of the three award-winning books?

8. Donald E. Westlake wrote a Christmas Story for The Mysterious Bookshop in 1993 which was 11 pages and. published like a fine press chapbook. What was the title of the story?

9. In 1961 John B. Allen, AKA Donald E. Westlake, wrote a biography about an American-born actress who has been married many, many times. Who is this famous actress?

10. Donald E. Westlake will be visiting a mystery bookstore in Vermont on August 13,2006. What are the name of the bookstore and town where it is located?

The person who is able to correctly answer all the questions first will receive a signed book of our choice from Kingdom Books.

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